M'sia father burns daughter's K-pop collection as he apparently didn't like them in her room

One style of parenting.

Belmont Lay | September 26, 2022, 08:20 PM

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A father in Malaysia allegedly set fire to his daughter’s K-pop merchandise collection and burned most of it to a crisp, leaving the girl in tears.

A video of the aftermath showing the girl crying and salvaging the remnants of the incinerated items on the ground has been circulating since Sep. 23.

What video showed

The girl, who appeared to be in school uniform, was seen wiping away tears after learning that her father had burned all of her K-pop memorabilia.

The video of the girl's traumatic experience of finding her collection of items missing and then realising that they were burned, was put up on TikTok and reposted to Twitter by @tinybamtyun, who condemned the girl’s parent for his actions.

The compilation of scenes on TikTok was apparently filmed by the girl’s mother, who has since removed them and apologised for even uploading the footage in the first place.

The father allegedly burned the items because he did not like them in his daughter's room.

Items gifted by others, bought

According to the video’s captions, the girl received some of the items as gifts from friends, while other items were bought with her own money.

These K-pop memorabilia are known to be costly, as they are frequently marketed as limited edition goods by the companies that see to their scarcity and profitability.

Salvaged items

One part of the video showed the girl combing over the items burned to ashes outside her house.

She then tried to salvage some of her possessions.

She was only able to retrieve a box with some items inside, but they were partly destroyed.

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