Drivers wait up to 7 hours to cross S'pore-JB border on Sep. 2 as school holidays begin


Lean Jinghui | September 03, 2022, 04:44 PM

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As forewarned, the queues into Johor Bahru (JB) at the onset of the September holidays have turned out to be painfully long.

In posts on social media, several users shared about the long wait they had to endure while crossing the Singapore-JB land checkpoints on Sep. 2 and Sep. 3.

Cars that don't seem to be moving

According to one Facebook post, a user lamented that the jam began as early as 8:30am on Friday (Sep. 2).

He joked that the traffic police must be working hard, as traffic was packed on both sides of the Singapore-JB Causeway.

Via David Hau on Facebook

Via David Hau on Facebook

In another video uploaded to TikTok on Sep. 2, the cars on the Causeway were barely moving.

@jbsgcauseway Long long long line and patiently waiting 😅 #singapore #johorbahru #johorsingaporecauseway #causeway #schoolholidays ♬ PATIENTLY WAITING - Dave Duval

The situation remained dismal at 4:40pm in the afternoon, with evident tailback.

@jbsgcauseway Still same traffic condition since this morning 😭 #singapore #johorbahru #johorsingaporecauseway #causeway #schoolholidays ♬ 3:03 PM - しゃろう

On Saturday (Sep. 3), there was still heavy congestion and slow-moving traffic.

@jbsgcauseway Heavy traffic jam continues…#singapore #johorbahru #johorsingaporecauseway #causeway #schoolholidays ♬ original sound - Loide Namtenya Uupin

And in the afternoon of Sep. 3, one user even resorted to having lunch in her car, as she waited out the snaking queues.

Via Sherry Foong Facebook

Up to seven-hour wait for some

According to one user who posted about his experience on Facebook, it took him about seven hours and 15 mins to eventually cross the Tuas Checkpoint on Sep. 2.

Via Remy Hans Facebook

Photos taken at the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex shared by other users reflected big crowds, with some commenters joking that it felt like being at a concert.

Via Wei Ern Facebook

Another user who posted on Facebook group Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers also shared about his seven-hour wait, calling it the "worst traffic jam" he had ever experienced:

"Total seven hours!!!! Break all records. Super hungry as we left house at 8:30am and I didn't eat breakfast. Only reached hotel at 3:30pm. No wonder we saw a car u-turned back to Singapore. It would normally take us 1.5 to two hours, with the fastest in an hour."

Via Daniel Syez Facebook

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Top images via Wei Ern Facebook and @jbsgcauseway TikTok