Jade Rasif says she made S$8-S$9/hour working as a DJ in ‘siam diu’ last time

Inside look.

Mandy How | September 06, 2022, 11:33 PM

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Singaporean personality Jade Rasif has given followers a glimpse of her past life as a DJ in the nightlife scene.

Jade was responding to a viral video by media company MOSG, where a half-Thai, half-Chinese former hostess who was interviewed spoke candidly of her experience working in hostess clubs.

The venue is colloquially known as "siam diu”.

Cried on her first day

The interviewee, Khunmew, had worked in the nightlife scene for five years.

She eventually left the industry when the nightclubs were forced to close during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At one point in the video, Khunmew talked briefly about an encounter with an elderly customer when she was only 17.

It was her first day on the job, and the man had given her S$1,000 before he started holding her by her shoulders.

Not knowing what to expect after receiving the sum, the hostess came close to tearing up, and excused herself to go to the restroom, where she started crying.

"After that night, I had my standards, you know, you cannot touch me. When you touch me it's another S$500."

Despite the rocky start, Khunmew agreed that the environment was "very safe"—as long as one knows how to handle themselves or get out of certain situations.

Hostesses and models could also follow customers to hotels, although that would depend on their individual proclivities.

According to Khunmew, the average entertainer takes home about S$4,000 a month, although she once made S$20,000 in a single night.

A different experience

Following the video, Jade posted to her Instagram Stories (IGS) about her own experiences deejaying in similar settings.

She would arrive at around 10pm and work till 4am to 5am, earning S$120 a night.

However, after deducting the agency's cut of 30 per cent and the cab fare home, the DJ would end up making S$8 to S$9 per hour.

She also said that no one ever offered money to take her to a hotel.

"In fact, we didn't entertain for tips. You can tip me S$5,000 and at most you get a polite nod in your direction," she added.

The DJ switched to working in clubs after three months, as she couldn't take the hours at the hostess club.

Compiling crowd wisdom, Jade later explained that larger clubs tend to be "modern" and "clean", while hostesses at smaller clubs are allegedly pressured by the bosses to do sex work.

You can view her IGS here:

Top image via Jade Rasif's Instagram page