Heinz x Gong Cha S'pore: New tomato bubble teas in ketchup bottles for S$7.80

If ketchup and bubble tea had a baby. Literally.

Hayley Foong | September 28, 2022, 07:14 PM

Heinz and Gong Cha have collaborated to create Let's Ketchup – a new line of tomato-flavoured bubble teas.

Definitely a combination of two foods you weren't expecting.

The collaboration consists of two new drinks – Pomato Bomb and Berry Mary, both priced at S$7.80.

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Pomato Bomb comprises tomato, pear and pomegranate.

Pomato Bomb (S$7.80) Photo by Mandy How.

If you're wondering what it tastes like, imagine strawberry milk but tangier and with tomatoes instead.

The drink was slightly sour and tastes lighter than your typical flavoured milk.

There were also tiny pieces of what seemed to be tomato chunks, which added to the texture of the drink.

Verdict: 5/10. Worth trying once. Just once.

Berry Mary, on the other hand, is flavoured with tomato and raspberry.

Berry Mary (S$7.80). Photo by Mandy How

The first sniff smells a lot like Heinz ketchup.

It also had subtle notes of tomato and green tea -- a surprisingly interesting pairing. But we're undecided if it's good or bad.

This drink is also on the sweeter end, as compared to the Pomato Bomb.

Verdict: 4/10. Like watery ketchup but concentrated, as contradictory as it sounds.

The drinks will be available from Sep. 29, 2022.

Top photos via Gong cha and Zhangxin Zheng.