Woman in HK who used headscissors takedown on man in public not real fight, part of movie shoot

Looked excellent.

Belmont Lay | September 29, 2022, 02:13 AM

A video has been making the rounds online since Sep. 26 showing a woman in Hong Kong beating up a man in style and using a headscissors takedown on him.

They were then separated by a person who appeared to be a member of the public, while other passers-by gawked on the streets.

The headscissors move has been used in entertainment and popularised by individuals such as Marvel superhero character Black Widow and wrestling legend Rey Mysterio.

The incident was reported to have occurred in front of Tam Jar Sam Gor Restaurant at Eightland Gardens on On Chee Road in Tai Po.

A separate video that showed the woman pushing the man away before planting a kick to his gut that sent him hurtling into the wall, was also uploaded online.

The scenes of the fight with well-executed moves in a public place resulted in speculation as to whether the incident was indeed a real-life fight between a real couple looking to settle their differences or staged.

Part of movie shoot

As it turns out, the healthy scepticism was warranted as the clips were reported to be part of a movie shoot.

The revelation that the fight was not real was confirmed by the staff at the Tam Jar Sam Gor Restaurant.

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