Auntie smiles & waves in appreciation after driver stops for her at HDB estate crossing

A little graciousness goes a long way.

Alfie Kwa | September 07, 2022, 06:25 PM

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A friendly pedestrian smiled and wave at an equally friendly driver to thank him for stopping and letting her cross the street.

A video of the wholesome interaction was posted on TikTok and has received over 46,000 views so far.

@ahreefaziz Auntie just made my morning a little better, Saying thank you for giving her way! Just look at her smile! #roadssg #singapore #fypシ #zyxcba ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

Crossing the road

In the video, the driver was turning into the gantry of an HDB car park when the woman was about to step onto the crossing.

The driver slowed down and stopped complete to give way to the auntie.

The auntie responded by smiling and waving at the driver, thanking him, and slowly made her way across the road.

She waved at the driver again as she made her way to the other side.

Adhered to traffic rules

Both the driver and auntie were adhering to traffic rules.

The auntie was following Road Traffic (Pedestrian Crossings) Rules that state when approaching a pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing, the pedestrian must stop and look for on-coming traffic before using that crossing.

The driver also followed traffic rules as he has to give way to pedestrians.

"That’s just beyond adorable"

Many of those who responded to the video commented that the auntie in the video was adorable.

One thanked the driver for being kind and giving way to the elderly woman.

Another pointed out that the auntie probably saw the car turning in and initially didn't want the driver to stop and wait for her to cross the street.

Top image via ahreefaziz/TikTok.