Comex booth at Suntec selling 'unclaimed parcels' at S$6 each, convention goers spark buying frenzy

Peak capitalism: Earning money to buy a chance to hopefully get something you need.

Belmont Lay | September 01, 2022, 07:02 PM

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Comex 2022 is back at Suntec Singapore from Sep. 1 to 4, 2022.

And here is your chance to really buy some random stuff you don't need.

One booth there has gotten creative: It is selling unlabelled and unopened parcels for S$6 each, a livestream video it put up showed.

Supposedly unclaimed parcels

Run by The Auction House, the parcels are laid out haphazardly in one gigantic pile, and convention goers can pick them up, give them a good shake and even a sniff, and decide if it is your lucky day.

The retailer claimed the parcels are unclaimed ones.

Each parcel could contain anything, such as a tumbler that can tell the temperature of its contents, an eye massager, or a feet massager.

But as to why there are so many unclaimed parcels consisting of a particular range of low-value consumer goods, was not explained.

The current offer: Buy 10 parcels and get two free.

Good business

And the gimmick appears to be working.

A near two-hour video on the first day of the convention showed hordes of people gathering at the booth to rifle through the pile of parcels.

All photos via The Auction House SG Facebook