38-year-old man in China posed as Korean heartthrob to con 39 women of S$112,400

His victims never met him in real life.

Adelene Wee | September 29, 2022, 02:36 AM

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A 38-year-old man in Hubei province was sentenced to jail for 11 years and six months and fined S$6,000 for conning more than S$112,400 from as many as 39 women, according to media in China.

The man, He Gansheng, carried out his ploy by using photos of two handsome Korean men to sweet talk his victims and earn their trust.

He would then "borrow" money from them to repay his home loan and settle other expenses, without any intention of returning them the money.

When asked for a repayment, he would come up with different excuses and eventually blocked them.

The women he conned did not even meet their male love interest in real life.

Not a doctor, lawyer nor PhD student

From 2016 to 2020, He posed as a doctor, lawyer and a PhD student when speaking to his victims.

Those who fell for his scam were mostly women in their 20s, a court in Hubei province revealed in a published legal article online on Sep. 1.

The victims never got to meet He in the flesh.

In order to win their trust, he sent them "fake selfies" that he had downloaded online.

In reality, He was unemployed and married with three children.

His appearance has been described as “ordinary-looking and short at 1.6m tall".

22-year-old victim lost S$22,000 

His deeds only came to light after a 22-year-old victim reported him to the police.

She claimed to have lost all her savings to him in 2020.

The victim dreamt of having a future together with He and borrowed money from her sister in Guangzhou to lend him.

She was waiting for him to graduate and become a doctor so they can buy a house together and get married.

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