Boy gives middle finger instead of finger heart during M’sia’s national day parade

He figured it out eventually.

Gawain Pek | September 01, 2022, 03:30 PM

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One boy stole the limelight for 10 seconds during Malaysia's Merdeka parade on Wednesday (Aug. 31).

The moment, which was caught on video and shared on Twitter by users @lizasdaughter and @AreSyah, showed the young boy accidentally giving the middle finger.

Finger heart gone wrong

Malaysia celebrated their 65th Merdeka Day on Wednesday with the return of the Merdeka Parade in Kuala Lumpur after the pandemic put pause to large-scale celebrations for two years.

During the mobile column segment of the parade, officers from the Fire and Rescue Department (also known as Bomba) were joined by children on their crafts as they rolled by the crowd.

In one video, two children can be seen at the front of a Fire and Rescue Department boat, facing the crowd.

One was a young girl who managed to flash a finger heart gesture with aplomb.

Gif via lizasdaughter/Twitter.

However, the boy beside her appeared to have a little trouble with the gesture.

The boy started off with two fingers raised, but lowered his index finger at one point.

Gif via lizasdaughter/Twitter.

With only his middle finger raised, he stuck with the gesture as the mobile column continued on down the street.

Here is the final result:

Image via @lizasdaughter/Twitter.

Realising what was going on, an officer beside the boy swiftly reached out to cover the boy's hands while letting out a laugh.

Gif via lizasdaughter/Twitter.

Spectators in the crowd can also be heard having a good laugh at what they just saw.

Watch the full video:

Boy said he was tired

After the incident, Twitter user @iraskywalker94 posted a video of the boy talking about what happened.

The boy said in the video, "I didn't know how to do the mini love. And then I got tired on the road."

The user also shared in the caption of the tweet that boy was sad, and that he "doesn't want to go to school tomorrow because he's a bit embarrassed."

Succeeded eventually

Another video posted to Twitter showed that the boy eventually figured it out.

To his credit, his enthusiasm did not dwindle.

He looked up at the crowd and succeeded in flashing the "mini love".

Top image via @lizasdaughter/Twitter