Zero privacy as window of accessible toilet at Pavilion Square in Geylang allows clear view inside

Too accessible.

Ashley Tan | September 12, 2022, 02:03 PM

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Update on Sep. 12, 4:45pm: This article was updated with a statement from Pavilion Square's management office.

Accessible toilets, previously known as handicapped toilets, are specially designed to accommodate those with physical disabilities or mobility issues.

However, the design of one accessible toilet in a building in the east side of Singapore, however, gives new meaning to its name.

Window into toilet

One TikToker recently brought attention to the baffling design of an accessible toilet on the ground floor at Pavilion Square, a mixed-use development that comprises commercial retail and residential developments along 345 Geylang Road.

The property was completed in 2018, according to EdgeProp.

via abir hossain/ Google Maps

A window on the exterior wall of the building allows anyone outside to have a clear view of the inside of the accessible toilet.

The fire hose reel cabinet also provides a perfect stool for Peeping Toms to stand on and have a peek in.

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Most commenters reacted with shock, while some urged the TikToker to report it to the building's management.

From one of his comments, it appears that the TikToker had reached out to the National Environment Agency about his observations.

In response to Mothership's queries, Pavilion Square's management said that the accessible toilet is located next to the Fire Command Centre, and has 24/7 security.

In the three years or so since operations at the mall began, it shared that there have been no incidents of peeping or malicious intent.

However, there have been police cases involving drug abusers using the toilet, and the toilet's lock has had to be broken several times for police to arrest these individuals.

Since an auto-gate was installed in September 2021, such incidents have significantly reduced, according to the mall's management.

The management emphasised that security is their "top priority".

"We thank the concerned persons and will take appropriate measures concerning privacy."

Top photo from ericgbt / TikTok