5 ways I cut down calories without going to the gym

Easy-peasy things to incorporate into your lifestyle.

| Adelene Wee | Sponsored | September 27, 2022, 06:02 PM

When my colleague first told me to write an article about leading a sustainable lifestyle, I jumped at the idea.

Well, I am a chronic dieter who has tried all kinds of fad diets in order to lose weight. I was also once obsessed with working out and worked out every single day without fail. 

Of course, I failed to keep up with the pace.

The jump to extremities made me realise that my lifestyle was not sustainable.

Throughout years of experimenting, it dawned on me that eating reasonably well and working out regularly is the way to a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Walking

Tracking the distance conquered. Photo by Adelene Wee.

This is a habit that I’ve cultivated over the years.

I walk.

To buy lunch whenever I work from the office, while my colleagues take public transport. *shakes head*

To the train station after work everyday.

To my boyfriend’s house in Taiwan from the night market.

2. Using rice packs as weights

As long as you are moving, you are losing weight.

During the pandemic when gyms were closed and I was desperate to work out, I attempted a few ways to burn calories with whatever that was in sight.

When I was at home, I lifted my mother’s 10kg rice pack for a strength workout.

3. Dancing at home

Video by Fitness Marshall/YouTube

For cardio, I‘ll search for a random fitness dance video online and imagine that I’m a k-pop star for once.

But please exercise with caution, for I’ve torn my ligaments while doing so.

I am highly dependent on a solid playlist to have a smashing good workout session.

This is the latest playlist I’ve been using, Como Bere’s Spotify selection.

4. Bicep curls with bottles of beverages 

When you have a will, you have a way.

When I was stuck at a hotel with no workout equipment, I filled kettles to the brim and started using them as the weights that I’ll squat with.

I conveniently did some bicep curls with bottles of beverages that I found in the fridge as well.

5. Choosing Como Bere as a low-calorie beverage

Photo via Como Bere Facebook

People around me exercise for a variety of reasons.

Some do it to attain an ideal physique, while others exercise to lessen the guilt from indulging in their favourite food and drinks later.

Keeping in shape is all about eating smart, not eating less.

Consuming a bottle of beer can actually fit into your healthy lifestyle if you choose a low-calorie option.

Como Bere, is a low-calorie beer launched in Singapore in 2021.

It touts itself as a low-calorie beer that is 99 per cent sugar free and has 50 per cent less carbs than the average lager. The beer is known to have a crisp, refreshing and light citrusy undertones.

Using a fitness device or app to clock in calories

Calories burnt during an F45 workout session. Photo by Adelene Wee.

There are different ways to track the calories consumed during an activity, such as using a fitness tracker or a fitness app.

I use a fitness tracker to track my workouts and consume around 200-300 calories per workout.

How to redeem your free pint of Como Bere*:

  1. Burn 2,000 calories within two months and get it recorded with a fitness app.
  2. Screenshot it and Whatsapp the image to 8761 3386.
  3. Receive your physical voucher by post.
  4. Redeem a pint of Como Bere at any of the participating F&B outlets here.
  5. Savour your Como Bere, YAY!

*Redemption is open to anyone 18 years old & above, till 30th Nov 2022.

This sponsored article for Como Bere made our writer wonder why she didn't start consuming low-calorie beverages earlier. 

Top image via Adelene Wee, Como Bere/Facebook.