Woman barged into Jewel Changi store, smashed items & dragged manager out by her hair


Kayla Wong | August 28, 2022, 06:50 PM

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Besides having to deal with unreasonable customers from time to time, shop managers or those working in the service industry also have to tend to unexpected emergencies.

For one 43-year-old Jenny Lee, not only did she have to deal with an irrational person, she also feared for her life at one point during an unfortunate encounter.

Messed up the store

Lee told Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) that at around 1pm on Saturday (Aug. 27), a woman, who appeared to be in her 50s or 60s, abruptly barged into Sauce Legend Boutique, the store she was working at, which was located on the first floor of Jewel Changi Airport.

Without warning, the customer proceeded to flip over a table and smash some items onto the ground.

She even smashed the trophy that the National Heritage Board had awarded Tan Poh Choo, the second-generation owner of Nanyang Sauce.

Image via Jenny Lee/Facebook

Writing in a Facebook post, Lee said it was the most "the most valuable item" in the store.

Woman dragged her out by pulling on her hair

When Lee tried to stop her from leaving, the woman grabbed her hair and refused to let go, dragging Lee all the way outside of the store. Shocked by the aggressive act, Lee started screaming and calling out for help.

"She had a lot of strength, and I couldn't break free from her hold," Lee told SMDN, adding that the woman was muttering some incomprehensible words throughout the encounter.

"I felt scared and embarrassed at the same time, as if I was being paraded in public for doing something wrong."

Lee said when the incident happened, she was the only one tending to the store.

When two eyewitnesses shouted at the woman to get her to stop, she remained unperturbed and continued to pull on Lee's hair. The woman only stopped when another member of the public stepped in. She fled the scene immediately after.

Lee then rushed back to the store and called the police. She said a bunch of her hair had been pulled out by the woman, and her scalp still hurt. Fortunately, a doctor assessed her injury to be minor. However, whenever she recalls the incident, Lee said she still felt scared.

In a photo posted by Sauce Legend on its Facebook page, the store was left in a state of disarray, with the rice cooker full of chicken rice toppled over, along with some broken bottles of soy sauce, as well as utensils that laid scattered across the floor.

Sauce Legend added that they are "traumatised" but will be cleaning up the shop. They also thanked members of the public that helped to call the police and attempted to stop the woman.

Woman visited the shop before

Lee revealed that she had seen the woman patronise the shop a couple of times previously -- the last time she saw her was about one to two months ago.

Whenever she visited, she would be muttering some unintelligible words, but did not show signs of violence.

According to Lee, the woman has a small build, and always wore a long dress whenever she came by. She also carried a backpack and some bags with her. During Saturday's encounter, she was dressed the same way too.

The police is currently investigating the matter.

Top image via Sauce Legend