Ong Ye Kung shows off wushu moves with young students in viral TikTok video

Ong "Ye Wen" Kung.

Ashley Tan | August 14, 2022, 11:10 AM

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Health Minister Ong Ye Kung launched his TikTok account in March 2022.

Since then, he's been posting on various topics, ranging from Covid-19 updates to healthcare tips to snippets of his daily life.

Ong's latest video depicts him executing a series of wushu moves and has gone viral, garnering over 258,000 views.

In it, the 52-year-old shows off his balance and flexibility among other young and energetic wushu students from Wufang Singapore.

The martial arts montage is accompanied by some fancy special effects edits and a short chat with the students.

Ong then ends the video off with a piece of advice: "Sports, other than keeping us healthy, actually builds character. So keep on exercising and keep on doing what you love."

@ongyekung To keep fit, I decided to try my hands at Wushu, under the tutelage of a young shifu. #HealthierSG ♬ original sound - Will - Tiktoker


Most commenters reacted with amusement and appeared impressed by the moves Ong whipped out, comparing him to Wing Chun master Ip Man.

Others praised the TikTok video's edits.

 Top photo from ongyekung / TikTok