Japanese candy manufacturer retires Hi-Chew's Green Apple flavour

After 40 years.

Ashley Tan | August 04, 2022, 01:50 PM

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[UPDATED on Friday, Aug. 5 at 6:20pm: DKSH, the distributor for Morinaga products in Singapore, confirmed that only the Hi-Chew Green Apple in Japan will be discontinued.]

The production and stocks of 35g packs of Hi-Chew Green Apple sold in Singapore, which are made in Taiwan and is a different product, are unaffected.

You've probably eaten Hi-Chew candy before.

The sweet chewy chunks come in a variety of flavours, but if you're a fan of the green apple one, here's some unfortunate news.

The candy company behind Hi-Chew will be retiring its Green Apple flavour, which was first introduced in 1982.


In fact, Japanese confectioner Morinaga will be stopping production of its 12-piece Green Apple packs by the end of August this year, reported Sora News.

This tragic revelation was shared in a series of videos on Morinaga's YouTube channel, showing a personified Green Apple Hi-Chew pack bidding farewell to consumers and to another Strawberry pack.

Although Hi-Chew's 12-piece pack might be no more, Sora News reported that the Green Apple flavour will still be available in assorted flavour packs.

There are also still a bunch of other flavours such as Mango, Watermelon and Cola for you to choose from.

Top photo from Morinaga / YouTube