Margaret Drive Hawker Centre at Dawson with 38 stalls now open

New cheap food places are always a cause for excitement.

Ashley Tan | August 02, 2022, 01:03 PM

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The new Margaret Drive Hawker Centre in Queenstown opened on Aug. 1.

Located at SkyResidences @ Dawson, the two-storey hawker centre was meant to be an alternative food option for those living in the area, following the closure of Tanglin Halt Food Centre.

The latter closed permanently on Jul. 31 after operating for the past 60 years, as it falls under the Housing Development Board’s (HDB) Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers).

A photo of a banner seen at the food centre before its closure encouraged people to visit the new Margaret Drive Hawker Centre instead, when it opens.

As Tanglin Halt Food Centre was located at 1A/2A/3A Commonwealth Drive, the two locations are a 15-minute bus ride apart.

Photo from Kodama Nezumitay / FB

38 stalls in total

According to a visitor to the hawker centre on the opening day, the place boasts a spacious and airy environment.

Photo from Philip Lim / FB

There are 38 food stalls, including Xin Ji Soya Sauce Chicken, Song Kee Seafood, Hakka Thunder Tea Rice, Alimah’s Kitchen, DJ Muslim Seafood & Satay, among others.

However, only 10 stalls were seen open in this initial stage.

Photo by Nyi Nyi Thet

Photo by Nyi Nyi Thet

The hawker centre also has what appears to be an automatic tray return station with a conveyor belt system.

Photo by Nyi Nyi Thet

Margaret Drive Hawker Centre

Address: 38A Margaret Drive, Singapore 142038

Top photo by Nyi Nyi Thet and from Philip Lim / FB