Traveller fined S$2,570 for carrying McDonald's meal to Australia from Bali


Alfie Kwa | August 01, 2022, 07:17 PM

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A traveller who took a flight from Bali, Indonesia, to Australia was slapped with a S$2,570 fine after it was discovered that they brought McDonald's meals onboard.

They arrived in Darwin, the capital city in the Northern Territory in Australia.

Slapped with a fine

According to 9news, the McDonald's meal included two egg and beef sausage McMuffins, hot cakes, and a ham croissant.

The meal was detected at Darwin Airport by their new detector dog, Zinta.

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry warned travellers on their Facebook page that bringing a sandwich into Australia could cost travellers up to A$2,664 (S$2,570).

Also, those entering Australia on temporary visas may have their visas cancelled and if so, will be refused entry into Australia if they fail to declare any meat or dairy products for inspection.

To avoid the penalties, the authority advised travellers to dispose of the food before undergoing biosecurity screening at the terminal.

The penalty for undeclared meat and dairy products is part of Australia's efforts to stop foot and mouth disease (FMD) from entering the country.

FMD is a contagious viral disease in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs with severe consequences for animal health and Australia's agriculture industry.

The authority said it could potentially cost the country more than A$80 billion (S$77.5 billion) if an outbreak of FMD happens.

Right now, Australia is FMD-free.

Being cautious

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry announced on Jul. 19 that travellers arriving from Indonesia will be under much stricter biosecurity scrutiny due to the presence of FMD in Indonesia, including at the popular tourist destination Bali.

This was after the Indonesian authorities confirmed an outbreak of FMD in their livestock, with 63 cases in Bali, announced on Jul. 5.

"FMD can also survive in meat and dairy products, even if they are frozen, chilled or freeze-dried, as well as on animal skins, camping and hunting equipment and trophies."

Australia has strict biosecurity protocols to prevent high-risk materials, such as contaminated equipment or clothing, as well as animals and animal products, from being brought in by travellers who may have been exposed to infected animals.

One of their protocols includes their "sanitisation foot mats" at international airports in the country.

All travellers on flights from Indonesia are required to walk across foot mats to sanitise the soles of their shoes when arriving in Australia.

It seems like the penalties do not only apply to travellers from Indonesia.

In July, an Australian woman was fined the same amount after she brought a half-eaten foot-long Subway sandwich with her on the plane from Singapore to Australia.

Top image via McDonald's Indonesia.