Man brandishes M'sian passport while trying to cut lanes during traffic jam at Tuas Checkpoint

Not quite sure what he was trying to say.

Andrew Koay | August 07, 2022, 02:41 PM

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It appears nothing quite gets the blood boiling like being stuck in a massive traffic jam while travelling between Singapore and Malaysia.

At least that's the case for the latest individual caught on camera acting less than graciously towards fellow motorists.

Dashcam footage posted on Facebook by a user named Joanna Loh showed a man flashing his Malaysian passport while trying to manoeuvre his black Honda into her lane.

At the time of writing, Loh's post has received more than 2,700 shares and 1,300 comments — many mocking the Honda driver.

According to Loh's post, she and her sister had driven to Tuas Checkpoint at 7am on Aug. 6 but were inevitably caught in a traffic jam with other vehicles hoping to make use of the extended weekend from the Aug. 9 National Day holiday for a trip to Malaysia.

After leaving Tuas, the pair found themselves in a crawl for almost four hours, which was when they ran into the driver of the black Honda.

Honda trying to cut into lane

The time stamp from the dashcam footage showed that the incident happened at 12:38pm.

The black Honda — which was sporting a Malaysian licence plate — can be seen cutting into Loh's lane from the left.

As both vehicles inch forward, the driver of the black Honda sticks his head out of his open window and stares at Loh and her sister.

When the sisters move their car forward again, the man sticks his head out once more. This time his glare is accompanied by aggressive hand gesturing.

He then retracts his arm into his car, only for it to return, this time brandishing a bold red Malaysian passport.

The bizarre gesticulation prompts the sisters to respond by presenting their own travel documents.

The man finishes his display by pointing at the ground, as if to say he has the right to the space in front of their car.

But it could very well mean something else entirely, we're not quite sure.

But wait there's more.

The head-scratching performance continues in a second video that starts with the man outside his car, now directly ahead of the sisters in the lane.

He walks to the rear of his vehicle, and points to his Malaysian licence plate, before pointing to his phone and giving the sisters a thumbs-up.

He then returns to his black Honda as traffic continues to crawl forward.

Trying to bully two females in a Singapore-registered vehicle?

Loh and her sister were also left with some uncertainties as to what the man was trying to communicate.

In her post, Loh speculated that the man might have been trying to bully two females in a Singapore-registered vehicle.

"You very arrogantly took out your Malaysian passport, so what?" she wrote.

"Do Malaysian passports have priority (in the queue)?"

Ironically, Loh said that she too was Malaysian, but that the man's behaviour had left her ashamed of her nationality.

Top image from Joanna Loh's Facebook