M'sian woman had affair after husband accused her of being infertile, became pregnant with other man's child

The couple was referred to counsellors.

Kayla Wong | August 28, 2022, 12:20 PM

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A Malaysian woman, depressed that she was being accused by her husband for being infertile, had an affair and ended up getting pregnant.

A Malaysian doctor, taking to Twitter to recount the encounter he had with the woman, said she was 32 years old when she came to see him, and she had been married for five years.

The tweets were posted two years ago on Oct. 7 but the incident had recently surfaced again after Malaysian Chinese media, such as Sin Chew Daily, picked it up.

The woman had gone to him for an abortion, but as he assessed both her and her baby to be healthy, he did not proceed with the procedure.

He added that on top of the accusations that she was barren, the woman's husband had not been tested for his fertility. Amid depression and stress about her situation, the woman turned to an affair, which then led to the accidental pregnancy.

It's not known what happened to the couple afterwards as the doctor did not see either of them after referring them to counsellors.

Top image via @Dr_Ahmad_RZ/Twitter & @the_heaven_girl/Unsplash