Johor police looking for men suspected to be S'poreans allegedly involved in Mt. Austin assault case

Johor police have contacted Singapore Police Force for assistance.

Gawain Pek | August 03, 2022, 04:27 PM

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Video of an alleged assault case that took place at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, on Jul. 31 has surfaced on Facebook.

Confrontation captured on car dashcam

A scene of confrontation on the night of alleged assault was captured on a car dashcam.

While some of the people appeared to be urging calm, one man clad in a black t-shirt with the word "Dior" on it could be seen gesticulating while questioning the other party why gestures were made at him as he was driving past them.

mt austin alleged assault, jb police investigating Image via Lai Ku/Facebook

The same man could then be seen challenging a person to come forward.

However, the main focus of the video was on the man who was in the black t-shirt and white-striped pants.

The man could be seen clutching what appeared to be a wrench in his right hand, as he waved and gestured at the other parties in the confrontation.

Image via Lai Ku/Facebook

The alleged assault was not captured in the clip.

Police report made, Johor police investigating

According to China Press Johor, the Johor police are aware of the incident and confirmed a police report has been made.

jb police looking for suspected singaporeans involved in mt austin assault Photo by Lai Ku/Facebook

The police's preliminary investigations revealed that the incident involved a 24-years-old Malaysian male and a foreign male aged between 20 to 30 years old, China Press Johor reported.

The police also shared that the foreign male involved in the incident was accompanied by two companions at the time of the alleged assault.

The group had entered Johor in a foreign-registered car, the police said.

Those involved allegedly Singaporeans

The Facebook user who uploaded the video claimed in a separate post that those allegedly involved in the incident drove a white, Singaporean-registered car and even identified the car's license plate number.

However, it is unclear if the white car is the same one that appeared in the background of the video.

The same user has also made several more posts on Facebook, attempting to identify and find the alleged assaulters.

Victim's brother shared more details about incident

Speaking to Oriental Daily, the brother of the victim shared more details about the incident.

He said that he and his brother were having a night out with their friends at a bar in Mount Austin on the morning of the incident on Jul. 31.

As he was leaving the bar at 3am, he saw a group of seven men who appeared to be drunk.

He also claimed that they were Singaporeans.

About 30 minutes after leaving, he received a call from a friend and returned to the bar, where he was filled in on the details about what had happened.

According to him, the group of men had confronted his brother, who was the victim of the alleged assault, as his brother was leaving the bar.

During the confrontation, the group had asked the victim to step out of his car.

At one point, one man tapped on the window at the driver's seat with a wrench, said the victim's brother.

He shared that his brother lowered the car window as he was worried that the window might be damaged.

That was when the victim was allegedly assaulted by the group of men.

The alleged assault left the victim with bruises to his eye and nose bridge, as well as internal bleeding in one of his eyes, Oriental Daily reported.

Johor police are looking for these individuals, and have contacted the Singapore Police Force for assistance, according to local media outlet Oriental Daily.

Top image via Lai Ku/Facebook