49% of S'poreans want to travel to Japan: YouGov survey

In comparison, Malaysia came in at 26 per cent.

Matthias Ang | August 10, 2022, 12:45 PM

Around 49 per cent of Singaporeans want to travel to Japan.

This figure rose to more than two-thirds, at 68 per cent, for Singaporeans aged 18-24, and 58 per cent for Singaporeans, aged 25-34, according to a survey result published by YouGov.

YouGov is an international research data and analytics group headquartered in London.

In comparison, the second-most desired destination, Taiwan, came in at 39 per cent overall, while South Korea came in at third place, with 33 per cent.

Meanwhile, both Malaysia and Thailand came in at 26 and 27 per cent respectively.

Tokyo-based travel agency CEO: Singaporeans like snow and cherry blossoms a lot

CNBC quoted Aw Wanping, the chief executive of Tokudaw, a Tokyo-based travel agency, who said Japan is popular with Singaporeans who want to experience a shift in seasons.

In highlighting that spring and winter are the "peak seasons" for Singaporean travellers, she said, "They like cherry blossoms and snow a lot."

Aw acknowledged that many Singaporeans remain confused however, by Japan's travel rules, which among other things, requires travellers to be part of "package tours".

This gives the impression of a large tour group in a bus, travelling on a fixed itinerary, Aw added.

She clarified that it is possible to book a "package tour" as a solo traveller and that she has made arrangements for three such trips since Japan's borders re-opened in June.

In addition, one of these arrangements is from Singapore, she noted.

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Top photo by Jezael Melgoza via Unsplash