CNA anchor Glenda Chong snogs husband so they get Covid-19 together as he keeps showing symptoms but tests negative

A family that gets Covid-19 together, stays together. Because quarantine.

Belmont Lay | August 03, 2022, 05:11 PM

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In between takes of reading the news while remaining po-faced, long-time CNA presenter and familiar face Glenda Chong likes to let her hair down, metaphorically, and goof off with her colleagues -- while still seated at her desk.

Snippets of her behind-the-scenes banter at work that occasionally pepper her social media feed, far away from the prime time broadcast segments, have given audiences a sneak peek into the real Glenda Chong: The Hokkien-spewing, jokey consummate professional with the sunshiny personality, who has no qualms showing a different side of her when she does not even enunciate some of her words clearly -- while speaking Singlish.

In the latest short clip that Chong uploaded to Instagram on Aug. 3, she recounted how she and her husband got Covid-19 together -- after she planted a wet one on him because she suspected he was a false negative case all along when he had all the symptoms showing but not testing positive for it.

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She wrote as the post's caption: "We were both showing signs of infection with him running a temperature too but his ART kept being negative. He asked for a kiss - so I gave him a loving kiss as a wifey should."

Unconvinced husband could be negative

According to her, she said she tested positive for Covid-19 and had symptoms, while her husband had the same symptoms but kept testing negative.

Convinced he was a false negative, and in the name of fairness, she snogged him and the next day he tested positive too.

She said, while appearing absolutely delighted with herself: "So, you know what I did to my husband? He was showing symptoms, he was just showing the same symptoms as me, right?"

"But he just kept, it just kept being negative for him."

"I got so fed up, I was like, 'What? You are showing the exact same symptoms, you obviously have Covid, but your test is still negative. Are you not digging your nose deep enough or anything like that?'"

"He's like, 'No, he's doing everything correctly what', but it is still negative."

"I got so fed up, I gave him one big snog, the next day, positive. [Big laugh] I was like, 'Ah, so annoying, might as well get it together, get it over and done with together.'"


Responses to Chong's anecdote were all in good cheer, as she had lived up to her marriage vows: In sickness and in health indeed.

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