Girl seen surrounded & beaten up by 3 other girls in Sengkang multi-storey car park

The confrontation appeared to be over relationship matters.

Gawain Pek | August 18, 2022, 02:46 PM

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Three teen girls were seen on video surrounding and beating up one other teen girl in a multi-storey car park in Singapore.

In total three video clips of the incident were posted online on the SgfollowsAll Telegram channel.

The videos, when combined, lasted 3 minutes and 7 seconds in total.

The first clip was uploaded on Aug. 16, followed by two more clips on Aug. 17.

The cause of the dispute, based on what was said in the videos, appeared to have been over relationship matters.

Eight individuals present at scene

In total, three girls, all dressed in black, surrounded one other girl:

Image via SgfollowsAll.

The back of their t-shirts were all identifiable.

One of them wore a t-shirt without any prints on the back, one had the word "Crew" with Thai characters on it, and the remaining one had the words "acmé de la vie".

The girl clad in a white hoodie was seen being confronted and assaulted:

Image via SgfollowsAll.

Two male teens also appeared in the video:

Image via SgfollowsAll.

Image via SgfollowsAll.

They were wearing the same red t-shirt, which had a design that was similar to the PE uniform of a secondary school in the west.

The t-shirt is identifiable via the design on the back -- a circle containing the word "loyalty" and a Chinese character, "忠".

In the third clip, a girl in white could be seen standing in the background:

Image via SgfollowsAll.

The last of the eight individuals at the scene was the cameraman, who did not appear in the video.

First clip

In the first clip, the girl with the word "Crew" on the back of her t-shirt could be seen throwing at least three punches at the girl on the receiving end of the beating.

The girl in the white hoodie cowered on the ground, attempting to shield her head from the punches.

One of the girls asked the girl in white hoodie at one point in the clip: "You break Rachel's relationship ah?"

The girl was also kicked in the back and head as many as five times.

Clip via SgfollowsAll.

Throughout the clip, the girl who was attacked could be heard defending herself against the accusations.

At around the 16-second mark, one of the male teens present could be seen walking behind the camera.

One person's voice could be heard asking off-camera: "What is the [issue] now ah?"

The voices behind the camera could then be heard discussing what they should do and if they should help.

Second clip

In the second clip, one of the attackers held up a phone to the girl in the white hoodie.

An audio could be heard playing from it.

A voice could be heard supposedly recounting past interactions with the girl being attacked.

At one point, the audio clip made a mention that the girl in the white hoodie had bad-mouthed an individual.

This triggered one of the girls at the scene to swing two high kicks at her and another girl to reach for her hair, causing the girl to fall to the ground.

The girl in the "acmé de la vie" top then threw a kick at the girl being attacked before falling to the ground.

Clip via SgfollowsAll.

The attacked girl then picked herself up and ran behind one of the guys present, with the other girls shouting at the guy to "let go of her".

After a bottle was flung into the parked van adjacent to the group, those behind the camera could be heard asking if the van belonged to one of them.

"Ya la f*cked up sia", one of them could be heard saying.

Third clip

The girl in white hoodie was eventually pinned down in the third clip, prompting her to shout for the attackers to stop.

While throwing punches at her face, one of the girl in black asked her whose "relationship [she was] trying to break now".

The girl being pinned could eventually be heard saying "sorry", as she pleaded for the attacks to stop.

Clip via SgfollowsAll.

One of the male teens also knelt down and placed his hand at the back of the attacked girl's head.

One of the girls in black then gave a warning not to "try to break people's relationship" before backing off.

Before the video cut off, someone off-camera could be heard saying, "Guys, let's go", and that it was enough.

You can watch the full video here.

Girl punched and kicked more than 26 times in total

In total, the girl was on the receiving end of some 11 punches and 15 kicks.

It is not clear how the individuals present were related to one another.

The clips were anonymously submitted to SgfollowsAll, according to the messages in the Telegram channel.

Police response

In response to queries from 8 World News, the police said they received a report at 9.26pm on Aug. 16 regarding an alleged case of assault by three female persons against one female person in the Block 269 multi-storey car park at Compassvale Link in Sengkang.

The police added that the female teen was injured, but did not require hospitalisation.

They also shared that those involved in the incident knew each other.

Mothership has reached out to the secondary school for comments.

Top image via SgfollowsAll