Auntie storms Bedok getai stage to snatch mic after request for Hokkien songs rejected

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Belmont Lay | August 05, 2022, 01:04 PM

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A getai organised at Bedok South Market and Food Centre on Aug. 3 saw performances put up by several contemporary songstresses in the industry -- and the storming of the stage by a middle-aged woman who found the song list not to her liking.

The incident was reported by Shin Min Daily News, whose reporter was at the scene.

Getai made its grand return this year, following more than two years of crushing restrictions that saw public performances halted so that crowds do not form in a bid to stop the pandemic from spreading.

The Bedok South getai made its grand return in a big way, at least according to the social mores of the industry, as it featured getai names, such as "Iron Lung Songstress", "Chameleon-Like Prince", and "Famous Pearl", in an extravaganza hosted by Lin Peifen, who is known as the "Duo Language Belter".

The three-hour show attracted some 300 attendees.

What happened

However, halfway through the show, a middle-aged woman stormed the stage to the shock of the performers.

On stage at that time was a singer, "Fresh Red", who was preparing to sing her second number for the night, when the auntie appeared and grabbed the microphone.

The gate-crashing woman then shouted for proceedings to stop and the atmosphere turned awkward very quickly.

In response, the host called for security.

However, the situation took a turn for the better when Lin and "Fresh Red" managed to persuade the woman to leave the stage, and Lin assured the crowd that it was just a "misunderstanding".

"Fresh Red" tried to liven up the atmosphere by telling Lin: "I thought it was the emcee who came on stage. It's all your fault!"

Lin and "Fresh Red" proceeded to sing the latter's second song for the night together.

@mothershipsg The getai organiser confirmed that the auntie had been drinking and that things had be had been "resolved peacefully" #tiktoksg #sgnews ♬ original sound -

Gatecrasher had been drinking

After she got off stage following her performance, "Fresh Red" told the Chinese press: "I have been performing getai for so many years and this is my first time encountering something like this. I don't know why the auntie was so agitated, but I could smell alcohol on her."

Lin also shared that similar situations are rare, and that "incidents where people have tried to snatch the mic are few and far between".

However, she said that as the host, she felt that it was her duty to step in to defuse the situation.

The getai organiser, only identified by his surname Zhou, confirmed that the auntie had been drinking and that things had been "resolved peacefully".

He declined to comment further on the happenings as he has "encountered all sorts of incidents" in the 30-plus years he has been in the business.

Auntie explains herself

The middle-aged woman who stormed the stage also told the reporter her side of the story.

She said she did not understand some of the songs which were being performed, and approached the organiser to request some Hokkien titles instead.

Her request was turned down.

She then decided to go on stage to look for the person in charge.

On hindsight, she said she realised her actions were "inappropriate" and "a little impulsive"

She has since apologised to the organiser.

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