Football academy coach in S'pore sacked after allegedly sending lewd photo to female players

The female players are teenagers.

Syahindah Ishak | August 01, 2022, 06:42 PM

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A private football academy in Singapore has sacked one of its coaches after he allegedly sent an inappropriate photo to female players under his charge.

According to The Straits Timesthe coach had sent the photo via WhatsApp to two female players, both of whom are teenagers.

He did so while they were overseas for a youth football tournament in July 2022.

The allegations were first made public by sports and entertainment site The Monitor SG, which reported that there were several photographs and messages sent to the players.

Both ST and The Monitor SG did not reveal the name of the private football academy.

The Monitor SG explained that the academy was not named so as to protect the identity of affected female players.

The identity of the coach was also not revealed.

Terminated his employment

In a statement to ST and The Monitor SG, a spokesperson for the academy said that the coach was "immediately" suspended from duty when the matter was first reported.

But after a "thorough investigation with all parties involved", the academy terminated the coach's employment.

The players involved in the incident have been offered counselling sessions and discussions with their parents are ongoing, the spokesperson added.

In addition, a psychiatric assessment has been offered to the coach, of which "appropriate treatment can be recommended".

Step up safety measures

Both ST and The Monitor SG also reported that following the incident, the academy will be stepping up its safety measures.

The number of safeguarding courses that coaches from the academy are required to go for on an annual basis will be doubled.

All coaches will also be subject to "full security background checks by an authorised third party to ensure a secure and safe environment for all".

According to ST, no police report was made with regard to the incident.

The spokesperson for the academy told ST that discussions and consultation with the parents of the player on how and when the appropriate reports should be made are ongoing.

Top image by Emilio Garcia via Unsplash.