Job ad for positions at Changi Airport with 4-day work week & interviews at JB is authentic: Recruitment agency

Candidates will have to attend a walk-in interview at the Holiday Inn Hotel at Johor Bahru.

Ashley Tan | August 18, 2022, 02:56 PM

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A picture of a job advertisement with open positions at Changi Airport has been making the rounds on social media.

The black-and-white flyer states that the airport is hiring sales and customer service staff, offering a salary of up to S$3,000++, or RM10,000.

One major benefit is a four-day work week on a shift basis, and training and uniforms will be provided for employees.

Candidates will have to attend a walk-in interview at the Holiday Inn Hotel at Johor Bahru.

The advertisement was presumably put up in Malaysia, although other Malaysia media like China Press who reported on the posting did not reveal a specific location.

Photo from ATV News Online


The photo of the job advertisement has since garnered some disbelief and scepticism from netizens.

"Interview at Singapore, address in Johor?"

"But still need to be careful, now scams are luring people to Cambodia and Myanmar have come up with new tactics, like using big companies to hold interviews at hotels."

"Dear editor, may I ask if you've investigated this advertisement by Changi Airport, is it real or fake? Will this be another scam?"

"Is this real? Why have I not seen this advertisement in Singapore?"

One commenter even went as far as to suspect the job advertisement to be a ploy for organ theft.

"Isn't this a "human blood slave" advertisement? To take your blood and sell your organs, so scary."

Recruitment agency clarifies

In response to Mothership's queries, a Changi Airport Group (CAG) spokesperson said that tenants and vendors located at Changi Airport use recruitment agencies to hire staff.

CAG also did not hire the recruitment agency who put out this advertisement.

The spokesperson said CAG was unable to comment further as they are not the direct hiring party.

However, on Aug. 16, MCI Group, which recruitment agency MCI Career Services is part of, put out a Facebook post verifying the job advertisement.

MCI Career services is headquartered in Singapore, and provides local and foreign recruitment services for its clients.

They often organise recruitment drives overseas as well.

MCI shared that there has been news of human trafficking scams where applicants were offered lucrative positions through job postings on social media, only to have their passports seized by human trafficking rings.

As such, it made several clarifications about the photo circulating online.

The job advertisement is an authentic one by the company, and was a paid advertisement published in The China Press Berhad newspaper to promote their upcoming overseas recruitment drive on Aug. 19.

Arrangements have been made for interested applicants to attend a walk-in interview at the Holiday Inn Hotel at Johor Bahru, as stated on the poster.

However, the photo of the advertisement in China Press's online report had the interview address and contact details censored. It is uncertain if the online article is a paid one as well.

MCI also confirmed that while the successful applicants will be working at Changi Airport, their client is not CAG.

They did not name the client.

MCI said it hoped the clarifications would resolve any misunderstanding netizens might have.

You can read their full post here.

Top photo from ATV News Online and Changi Airport website