2 men fight at Causeway after 1 car overtakes another in queue

One of them was not happy and took it outside.

Gawain Pek | August 18, 2022, 02:29 PM

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Two drivers got into a bit of a squabble on Aug. 17 while in line at the immigration counters for vehicles.

Two clips of the incident were uploaded to a Malaysian Facebook group on Aug. 17.

According to SG Road Vigilante, the vehicles involved were a Singaporean-registered silver Volkswagen Sportvan and a Malaysian-registered white Honda HRZ.


The incident took place at around 4.34pm, based on the time stamp of the first clip.

The clips appeared to be taken from the dash cam car behind the parties involved.

In the first clip, the Volkswagen could be seen veering left to overtake the stationary Honda.

Gif via Facebook

The act triggered the Honda to inch forward before pulling up to the side of the Volkswagen.

The driver in the Volkswagen can be seen with his arm outside the window, gesticulating at the passengers of the other vehicle.

The passenger of the Honda reached out of the window and pointed at the driver in response.

It is not clear from the videos who started the exchange.

Gif via Facebook.

Tensions seemed to escalate after the Honda driver stepped out of the car.

Gif via SG Road Vigilante.

Gif via SG Road Vigilante.

Gif via SG Road Vigilante.

Here's the full video.

Netizens takes the side of... the S car

The majority of the commenters seemed to take the side of the Volkswagen.

"Speaking as a Malaysian, I think the fault lies with the J car! Jams are caused by drivers like that!" one comment read.

Another user wrote, "I don't think S car should be faulted. Those who have been to the customs will know, you should join the queue at any counter that is available. What are you waiting for when you stop there? New Year's Day?"

Among the netizens taking sides, one commenter opined that both parties contributed to the conflict.

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Top image via SG Road Vigilante