AMK hawker who charges S$0.50-S$1 more for black carrot cake: My sweet soya sauce costs S$10+ per bottle

Premium sauce.

Belmont Lay | August 17, 2022, 06:52 PM

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It has long been common practice in Singapore to sell the white and black versions of fried carrot cake at the same price.

However, one hawker stall in Ang Mo Kio has raised eyebrows by charging a 50 cents to S$1 premium for the black version.

When asked about the price discrepancy, the lady boss told Shin Min Daily News it is due to the use of costlier sweet dark soya sauce and fish sauce.

Customer raised issue with Chinese press

The existence of the pricier black fried carrot cake was made known to the Chinese newspaper by one of its readers, who was curious how the price difference could be justified.

According to Shin Min, the stall located at Block 341 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 hawker centre has been operating for 26 years.

The fried carrot cake is sold in three sizes: Small, medium and large.

The white version costs S$3, S$3.50, and S$6.

The black version costs S$3.50, S$4, and S$7.

Lady boss explains rationale

The lady boss, 60, told the Chinese newspaper: "The sweet soy sauce I use is better, and it's very expensive. A bottle costs more than S$10. Everyone loves to eat black fried carrot cake. If the price is the same, then I will lose money."

She also said the fish sauce she uses is different from most stalls, and the price is about double the usual price.

A check by Shin Min with other hawkers revealed they do not charge differently for the black and white versions of fried carrot cake.

One hawker said: "The cost of black and white cabbage kueh is similar, and the number of people who buy it is similar, so there is no need to set different prices."

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News