'Very rare air' from Billie Eilish's S'pore concert selling for S$15,000 on Carousell

Fast deal.

Gawain Pek | August 25, 2022, 06:54 PM

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U.S. singer Billie Eilish's concert here was all the rage these past few days.

The performance was held on Aug. 21, 2022 as part of the singer's "Happier than Ever, The World Tour" at the Singapore National Stadium.

In the days after, it was clear that the event left much to be desired.

For some concert-goers, their seats were so far away that they could barely see anything, let alone get a good photo of the singer.

One concert attendee even fainted, prompting Eilish to call for security.

Rare concert memorabilia for sale

If you were one of the concert-goers with a less than satisfactory experience, here's another chance to get up close and personal with Billie Eilish.

S$15,000: Billie Eilish's air

One Carousell user, @rev1on, has listed "Billie Eilish's air" for sale.

From the product photos, the "air" appeared to have been captured with a takeaway plastic bag, the kind used to hold coffee or tea.

Image via @rev1on/Carousell.

For any die-hard fan or upset concert-goer planning to splurge on this rare commodity, the user assures that the product "will be kept in an air tight container upon dealing to prevent leaking".

The contraption used to guarantee this is a plastic cylindrical container, probably recycled after whatever festive snack it used to contain was finished.

Image via @rev1on/Carousell.

To prove the authenticity of the product, the user even included a close-up photo of Billie Eilish on stage.

Image via @rev1on/Carousell.

The bag of air could be yours for just S$15,000, only 50 times more expensive than a CAT 1 priority standing ticket for the concert.

While some could barely see Eilish, the user wrote in the product description:

"I stood at the very front and managed to get her air in the plastic when she scream her lungs out during the concert! For those who missed the concert u can buy this!! Very rare air!!"

The listing was posted on Aug. 23 and has since garnered 97 likes.

You will also have to self-collect it at Tampines MRT station.

S$25: Billie Eilish's fart

If S$15,000 is not an amount of money you can part with right now, Mothership has found a cheaper alternative for you.

It is still air from Billie Eilish, just supposedly captured from a different orifice.

User @chriu6 is listing Eilish's fart for sale at S$25.

Image via @chriu6/Carousell.

The product, listed on Aug. 24, comes with the following description:

"i was standing right below her when i heard a “poot” i immediately reached for my dasani 600 mL water bottle (i had brought it specifically for this), opened the cap, and wafted the luscious odour gently into the bottle. alas, the aroma of billie eilish’s flatulence localized within a portable containment unit."

It is also "halal-certified".

Buyers will have to pick it up at Bedok MRT station.

The user also warns buyers to handle with care because "once opened considered sold".

Top image via @rev1on/Caorousell, @chriu6/Carousell