Cockroach crawls into S'pore woman's ear, she drowns it with mouthwash & gets it removed in A&E

Absolutely horrifying.

Zi Shan Kow | July 21, 2022, 04:26 PM

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Getting an insect stuck in your ear is one of those horror stories you hear but pray you'll never actually experience.

Unfortunately for one TikTok user, the creature that crawled into her ear was a decently-sized cockroach.

Cockroach crawled into her ear

After her first brief TikTok video about the incident reached more than 300,000 users, the user gave a full rundown of what happened in another video.

She prefaced her story by saying: "Honestly right I'm just f*cking unlucky because how does this happen to someone?!"

The user said she was asleep on her bed when she felt the legs of a cockroach crawling near her ear.

Panicking, she "whacked it really hard" -- which was when the cockroach decided the closest point of escape was her ear, and proceeded to crawl into her ear.

She added that the cockroach was not fully grown but was not a nymph, and was about 3.5cm to 4cm long.

She proceeded to scream, as she couldn't reach the insect with her fingers to remove it.

She said she could still feel it wriggling in her ear and the sensation was thoroughly "uncomfortable and disgusting".

Drowned the cockroach in Listerine

When she got up from bed, her first instinct was to run to the toilet.

She filled a Listerine bottle cap with the mouthwash, placed her ear over it and tilted her head to fill her ear with mouthwash.

"And at this point -- honestly don't think Listerine is safe for your ear but I didn't know what else to do," laughed the user.

She felt the insect stop moving as it drowned in the mouthwash.

Even though it was dead, she could still hear the crackles of the cockroach in her ear and her hearing remained muffled.

Unfortunately, the worst was not over for her.

When she tried to extract the cockroach with a pair of tweezers, she accidentally broke the cockroach in half.

Recounting the incident, she said it was revolting:

"Yo guys, like, I broke it into like, pieces. So when some of it came out right, the white guts came out, and like the skin of the cockroach -- the f*cking, like oh my god, the brown shell came out. You don't understand, like, I wanted to puke."

Rest of the cockroach removed at A&E

The user said the cockroach had burrowed itself deep in the crevices of her ear and there was no way for her to take it out herself.

She then called her mother, who laughed at her.

When she arrived at Tan Tock Seng's A&E 30 minutes later, she said the nurses were also amused by her predicament.

Using suction and specialised tools, the doctors managed to remove the cockroach in pieces, or "leg by leg", as she described it.

She said the process was "f*cking painful".

"They gave me some ear drops for antibacterial but it is mostly out. New fear unlocked," said the user.