Thai embassy warns travellers not to bring cannabis into S'pore after Thailand legalised it

Thai embassies in other countries issues similar warnings as well.

Alfie Kwa | July 03, 2022, 07:53 PM

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Embassies and their home countries, which do not legalise cannabis,  have issued warnings for citizens and travellers about their drug consumption and possession laws.

Thai embassies issue warnings

According to Reuters, cannabis was removed from Thailand's narcotics list on Jun. 9. It will no longer be illegal to grow and possess the plant for commercial or personal medical use.

This move prompted the Thai embassy in Singapore to warn Thai travellers not to bring marijuana, cannabis or products containing such plants into the country.

Even the Thai embassy in South Korea issued a warning on their Facebook page to Thais who are travelling or residing in the country to do the same.
According to The Straits Times, embassies in Indonesia and Japan have also put out similar warnings, and highlighted the implications if caught which include jail time, heavy fines or even the death penalty.

Singapore warns citizens overseas

According to ST, Singapore's Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) said frequent checks will be done at various immigration checkpoints.

CNB told ST that in some countries where there are "vested interests" and "intense lobbying" by certain parties has brought about more liberal drug laws.

The authority also considers cannabis edibles available in other countries, such as weed in candies and cakes to be "irresponsibly marketed as harmless consumables".

They are also against the perception that cannabis is considered a "soft" drug that supports medical needs.

CNB said that Singapore’s drug control policies are underpinned by evidence and research.

They cited a literature review by the Institute of Mental Health experts that has shown the addictive and harmful nature of cannabis, and the damages it can do to the brain.

More information on cannabis can be found here.


Those convicted of drug consumption or possession may be jailed for up to 10 years and fined up to $20,000, or both.

Those convicted of importing, exporting or trafficking drugs, depending on the quantity, may face the death penalty.


Top photo by Wesley Gibbs on Unsplash and Royal Thai Embassy, Singapore/FB.