S'pore Honda Civic Type R stolen from Genting Highlands SkyAvenue mall car park

Hotel management allegedly told the Singaporean that lost items were "not their problem".

Low Jia Ying | July 18, 2022, 09:16 PM

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A Singaporean man had an unfortunate trip to Genting Highlands after his Singapore-registered sports car was stolen from a car park in SkyAvenue mall on Jul. 16.

Car goes missing

The Singaporean man, who goes by Damien, said he had parked his car — a Honda Civic Type R, a high-performance sedan — at a car park at SkyAvenue, a mall in Resorts World Genting.

The massive car park is also shared with First World Hotel, where Damien and his girlfriend stayed when they visited Genting over the Jul. 15 to 17 weekend with six other friends.

The 28-year-old told Mothership he had parked his car near the lift lobby at B3A of the car park when he arrived at the hotel at around noon on Jul. 15.

It was only the next day, Jul. 16, when he realised his car went missing after he and his friends wanted to leave the hotel to drive to the nearby Gohtong Jaya town for dinner.

Thinking that he might have wrongly remembered where he parked his car, Damien and his friends got into another one of their cars to search for the car in the car park.

Damien also called the car park's management to assist him in finding the car. According to Damien, they sent out five motorcycles to search the car park.

He said he and his friends spent about two hours to comb through "every single corner" of the car park, to no avail.

"Lost items are not our problem": First World Hotel management

Realising then that his car might have been stolen, Damien informed First World Hotel management to see if they would be able to help.

However, Damien said that apart from sending out the motorcycles to look for his car in the car park, the management was "not helpful at all".

"When we first reported the theft, they literally replied: Oh? Your car hilang (missing)? Report police there, lost items are not our problem," recounted Damien.

The Malaysian police were also unable to find Damien's car.

The Malaysian police checked CCTV footage, which showed Damien's car being driven down the Genting Highlands mountain at around 2:43am on Jul. 16.

Another CCTV screenshot provided by the Malaysian police showed the thief driving Damien's car out of the SkyAvenue car park by tailgating another vehicle through the exit.

Car showed no signs of being broken into despite being locked

Damien said the CCTV footage of his car showed no signs that his car had been broken into, as all the doors and windows of the car appeared intact.

Damien said he had locked the doors, and performed a manual steering lock by turning his wheel fully after parking it to prevent it from being towed.

He estimated that his Honda Civic Type R is worth S$220,000, and added that he spent a lot of time and effort on his car.

"Expensive lesson learnt on behalf of all Singaporeans and car owners. Please be safe when travelling everyone!", said Damien.

Damien was also apparently told by Malaysian police officers that another car, a Malaysian-registered Toyota Hilux, was also stolen from the same car park a day before his own car got stolen.

Mothership has reached out to First World Hotel for comment.

All photos via Damien.