S'pore delivery worker, 27, discovers wife’s affair & finds out youngest son not fathered by him

His wife had admitted that their 10-month-old son was not his.

Kayla Wong | July 31, 2022, 03:25 PM

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A delivery worker in Singapore has discovered that his wife of 10 years has been having an affair while he was out working.

Youngest son was fathered by someone else

According to Sin Chew Daily, which cited Shin Min Daily News, 27-year-old Lin first found out about the affair his wife, 29, was having when he witnessed his wife hugging another man in May 2022.

Earlier in March, he had noticed that his wife was leaving their home early and returning late at night.

When he recalled that his youngest son, who's around 10 months old, has a different blood type from both him and his wife -- the doctor at the time had said it's not uncommon for kids to have a different blood type from their parents -- he decided to do a paternity test, under the encouragement of his relatives and friends.

The test revealed that he had no blood relations with his son.

"When I saw the report, I was devastated," he said.

Mother-in-law knew about the affair

In June, his domestic helper had also sent him a text while he was overseas.

She said a man had stayed overnight at their home, and even sent a photo of the said man lying on the bed in a state of undress. She also said she had already told his mother-in-law about the matter.

Lin subsequently called his mother-in-law, who admitted that she saw the man before, but "couldn't bear to let him know".

Lin's helper had apparently already suspected his wife of bringing a man home, and had conveyed her suspicions to Lin, but had not been able to take any picture proof as his wife had always locked the bedroom door.

"My helper has a husband and kids of her own too, and she thought that my wife shouldn't have done what she did, so she helped me (uncover the affair)," Lin said, adding that his helper had initially wanted to quit as she thought his home was too "messy".

She eventually agreed to stay for the time being after he sought to retain her as she was responsible and good at taking care of the children and managing household chores.

Willing to take care of all three kids

During a confrontation with his wife, his wife admitted that the child was not his, but said the child "had nothing to do" with the man whom she was cheating with.

Thinking that his wife was only saying hurtful things out of anger, he became angry and said he wanted to talk to the other man, but was stopped by his wife.

He later got wind that his wife's lover is in the armed forces, and said he even witnessed his wife bringing lunch for him at the military camp.

Lin said he's willing to take care of all three children after divorcing his wife, even though the youngest son is not fathered by him.

"He's not my flesh and blood, but I love him a lot. For the past month, I'm the one who have been taking care of him as my wife wasn't around much. It was me who fed him and coaxed him to sleep every night, so I'm really close to him," he said.

Wife asked for both house and kids

While Lin initially wanted to save his marriage, and refused to give in when his wife asked for a divorce, he later became disheartened when it appears that his wife was not willing to budge.

At first, his wife said they could split their property in half, and that he could have custody of their two older children. However, she later said she wanted not only the entire property, but also alimony, as well as child maintenance for all three children.

"I suspect it's her lover who influenced her into asking for these things," he said, adding that he would absolutely not leave the apartment and his children to his wife's lover.

Now, Lin said he's trying to look for a good lawyer as soon as possible to take on his case.

Leaves most of his salary to his wife

Lin starts work each day at 10am, and only knocks off at around 2am. He earns about S$6,000 to S$7,000 a month, and after handing S$5,000 over to his wife, would use the rest of the money on petrol, meals and cigarettes. Occasionally, he would splurge on some lottery tickets.

"My wife works in accountancy, so I leave it up to her to manage all household expenses, the housing mortgage and the car loan," he said.

"I love and trust her very much, and hand over almost all my earnings, without leaving much savings for myself."

Lin also said he spent more than S$80,000 on a second-hand seven-seater for his wife to ferry their kids to and from school as he wanted to lighten her workload.

To pay off the car loan, he only rests for one day a week, down from two days previously.

Still wants his wife to return to him

Although it appears that their relationship is broken without repair, Lin said if he could salvage the situation, he would want his wife to return to him, even if it's "for the sake of the children".

"She has complained that I work too much outside, and doesn't spend enough time with her, saying that having a husband is the same as not having one. But we have three kids and a mortgage to pay off. I said I want to give her and the kids a comfortable life, and thought she would be understanding, but things turned out this way."

Lin thinks he has treated his wife well, never hitting her nor having an affair.

When he asked what wrong had he done, she apparently simply said, "There's no communication left between us."

Top image via Shin Min Daily News