S'pore woman drives VW Scirocco to JB mall, window gets smashed, bag stolen

The burglar warned the security guard not to intervene.

Belmont Lay | July 28, 2022, 06:19 PM

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A woman from Singapore drove her black Volkswagen Scirocco to a mall in Johor Bahru for an evening of shopping, only to return to the car park to find that her car window on the passenger side had been smashed and her bag stolen.

The incident, reported by 8 World News, occurred on Saturday, July 23 after 8pm.

What happened

The woman had driven the car to a mall and parked on the second level near the entrance to the car park.

The exact mall was not disclosed in the report.

Security guard told not to interfere

When the the woman and her boyfriend returned about an hour later from shopping, they found the window of the two-door coupe smashed, with glass fragments scattered on the passenger side and on the seat.

A security guard was seen standing beside the vehicle.

The woman told the Chinese news outlet: "The security guard told us that he was kicked by the suspect, and the suspect even told him to mind his own business. The car's dash cam captured the suspect's appearance."

Lost cash but not passport

The woman said she lost about S$200 cash she kept in the car and ended up spending S$400 to repair the damaged window.

The woman added that she was fortunate as her passport and identification card were kept separate from the bag that was taken.

She said: "The burglar only took my bag and not the passport, otherwise I really wouldn't know what to do."

She said car drivers are reminded not to leave valuable items in the car if they drive into Johor.

Police report made

The woman said she reported the crime to the Malaysia police and her statement was taken.

However, she sounded displeased with the process.

She told 8 World: "If the feeling is that such incidents are commonplace in Malaysia all the time, this kind of incidents will only get worse, and security will not improve."

The mall's management told 8 World that it is aware of the incident and will contact the affected party to follow up on the incident.

All media via 8 World News