Restaurant owner who rammed worker with his car in Geylang jailed 6 weeks

The incident left the worker with a fractured right elbow.

Matthias Ang | July 27, 2022, 06:07 PM

A 59-year-old man was sentenced to six weeks in prison on Jul. 25 for driving his car into a worker, following an argument over a roadblock, Shin Min Daily News reported.

According to the Chinese daily, the incident happened at about 11.22am on Aug. 14, 2020.

The driver, named Lim Gee, had driven his car into a small alley beside 27A Geylang Lorong.

However, the restaurant owner discovered that the road was blocked due to a nearby construction site.

According to Lim's lawyer, the roadblock had obstructed the path to the back door of his restaurant.

Accelerated in the direction of the worker following an argument

The Chinese daily further reported that Lim's wife subsequently emerged from the car to begin removing the roadblock's barricades.

However, she was stopped by a 47-year-old worker surnamed Fan.

Lim subsequently stepped out of the car and got into an argument with Fan.

Eventually, Lim reportedly rushed back to his car out of anger, whereupon he accelerated in the direction of Fan and rammed his car into him, dragging the worker for several metres.

Lim then left his wife at the scene.

The worker was taken to hospital for medical treatment, where he was found to have fractured his right elbow and given 53 days of sick leave.

Lawyer: Lim had attempted to check on the worker's injuries after the ramming

Lim's lawyer further pointed out that this was not the first time the road to the back door of his restaurant had been blocked.

On previous occasions, Lim would remove the barricades, then put them back in place after parking his car, his lawyer added.

In this instance, the worker did not listen to his explanation and Lim acted in a moment of impulse, the lawyer elaborated.

Lim had also emerged from his car afterwards to check on Fan's injury.

However, Fan refused to communicate despite being conscious and Lim drove off to inform the police on his own accord.

Lim's lawyer highlighted that his client did not have the intention to flee.

Apart from his jail sentence, Lim also had his driving licence suspended for a year.

Top left photo via Shin Min Daily News, right image via Google Streetview