Preschool children in Thomson seen walking barefoot during fire drill

The preschool teachers were called out by two women who expressed their concerns about the children's safety.

Syahindah Ishak | July 05, 2022, 05:34 PM

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Students from Little Green House preschool at Midview City in Sin Ming were seen walking barefoot outdoors during a fire drill recently.

The incident led to some adults in the vicinity to step in to express their disagreement to the personnel of the preschool.

A video of the incident was uploaded onto Singapore Incidents' Facebook page on July 1.

The video was accompanied by the caption: "Is this acceptable? Fire Drill Situation at Midview City, kids are not allowed to wear shoes?"

Children walking barefoot outside

In the video, the children, all barefoot, could be seen walking in a straight line at what appears to be an outdoor carpark area.

They were guided by a few teachers.

Preschool teachers called out by two women

Towards the end of the video, two women stepped forward to speak with the teachers, expressing their concerns about the children's safety.

One of the women told the teachers: "You cannot do like that."

A teacher could be heard muttering a quick apology before returning to the school.

Shoes vs life

The video has garnered over 48,000 views, 326 shares, and 241 comments as of July 5 afternoon.

A few commenters agreed with the two women in the video, questioning the children's safety as they were made to walk barefoot on the hot pavement.

On the other hand, many pointed out that the teachers were just doing their job by simulating a real-life emergency situation in which the children would have to be evacuated out of the building as soon as possible, without having time to put on their shoes.

A parent responds

A parent of one of the children in the video told Mothership that the teacher who was scolded by the lady was "in fact a really nice lady".

"I'd rather the teachers nudge the kids in line rather than the kids getting knocked by vehicles," the parent added.

The parent agreed with how the drill was carried out, and said: "Just a few minutes barefoot will never hurt the children. At least they learn in a real emergency, there will be no time for shoes and belongings."

Top image screenshots via Singapore Incidents/FB.