Several S$50 notes from clip wallet blown into the waters beside Marina Bay Sands

Time to go fishing.

Belmont Lay | July 28, 2022, 02:33 PM

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Several blue S$50 notes were seen floating in the water beside Marina Bay Sands after the cold hard cash was believed to have been accidentally blown away.

A video of the money floating away was put up on TikTok on July 27.

The caption in the video read: "Free money at MBS".

The incident occurred at about 5:45pm on Wednesday.

@bleegoodstuffthis dudes wallet got blown by the wind and the cash flew out while he was on the phone. funniest shit is that hes like some fengshui master and hes on the phone telling someone how to keep their wealth. like dude ur money literally just flew away into the water

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What video showed

A total of at least 10 to 11 notes were seen floating on the surface of the water.

The camera zoomed in on several pieces of the debris on the water surface and they appeared to be S$50 notes.

The caption of the post briefly described how the situation even happened.

According to the caption, the money belonged to a man, a feng shui master aka geomancer, who was on the phone at that time.

The money was said to have been blown away as the cash were in a clip wallet.

The man was overhead on the phone, ironically, telling the person on the line "how to keep their wealth", the caption read.

The caption remarked, "like dude ur money literally just flew away into the water".


The top-rated comment in response to the video said the money was literally blown into the water as the direct translation of "feng shui" is "wind water".

Many commenters also said they would have jumped over the ledge to retrieve the cash if they were there at that time.

Where would money end up

The cash, if they indeed had fallen into waters off MBS, would likely float into the Marina Bay area and then into the Marina Reservoir, which is Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the largest one.

The Marina Reservoir was formed after the Marina Barrage was completed in October 2008.

Any excess water that flows into this catchment area is eventually let out into the open sea.

The dam across the mouth of the Marina Channel that leads to the sea might trap any debris, including the money.

However, PUB conducts clean-up in the reservoir from 7am to 6pm daily to ensure that it is free of litter.

There is also daily night cleaning until 11pm.

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