2 Liverpool fans jump barricade & dodge officials for 1 minute of fame on Sports Hub pitch

Even pitch invaders never walk alone.

Nigel Chua | July 16, 2022, 05:35 PM

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English Premier League teams Liverpool and Crystal Palace played a friendly match yesterday (Jul. 15) at the Singapore Sports Hub, part of the teams' pre-season tour.

Liverpool beat their opponents 2-0, with goals from Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah.

But another two individuals caught the attention of the crowd last night.

Pitch invasion

At the end of the match, when the winning team was greeting their fans, a supporter in a red jersey ran toward the barrier surrounding the pitch, vaulted cleanly over, and dashed onto the field:

GIF from video by @hafiz_rhd on TikTok.

Orange-shirted officials then gave chase.

Pitch invader didn't walk alone

The lone pitch invader would not be walking alone, however, as a second pitch invader — also in a red top — joined him soon after.

The second man also attempted a vault over the barrier, but ended up tumbling onto the ground near the team.

He attempted to get up to greet some of the players but was promptly tackled to the ground by officials, some of whom also vaulted the barrier to help restrain the invader.

GIF from video by @hafiz_rhd on TikTok.

The first pitch invader was able to evade officials for some time, side-stepping them as he made his way around the pitch.

While backpedaling away from two officials, he was grabbed from the back and appeared to have been caught off-guard.

GIF from video by @your_backside_smelly on TikTok.

In a TikTok video by user @your_backside_smelly, the crowd could be heard cheering (or jeering) as officials restrained him.

Invaders get escorted out by security

According to Facebook user David Wang, the two pitch invaders were later escorted out of the venue.

Wang uploaded a video of two individuals, each one wearing a red jersey, and flanked by security personnel in black attire.

Screenshot from Facebook post by David Wang.

Screenshot from Facebook post by David Wang.

Pitch invasion a real issue overseas

Pitch invasion has caused major issues overseas.

While yesterday's incident took place after the game's final whistle, pitch invasions during matches are common elsewhere.

There have also been pitch invasions involving large crowds, resulting in fans — and even players — getting assaulted amid the furore.

According to UK news magazine The Week, "draconian" measures are being considered, including closing off sections of stadiums or even banning fans from the first 10 rows of seats.

Top image via David Wang on Facebook