Kim Lim throws extravagant 'Kandy Karnival' birthday celebration in Sentosa


Zi Shan Kow | July 24, 2022, 06:24 PM

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Singapore billionaire heiress Kim Lim went all out for a birthday bash on Jul. 23.

The party was a joint celebration with Lim's 5-year-old son, Kyden, whose birthday falls on Jul. 18.

"Kandy Karnival"

Lim, who turned 31 on Jul. 21, termed the party "Kandy Karnival".

Held at The Barracks Hotel in Sentosa, the venue was transformed into a children's dreamland from floor to ceiling.

According to event planner Lelian Chew, the extravagant set-up involved "a 30-feet tall 1,000kg castle, 3,000-feet drapes, 72 rainbow doors, 10,000 toys and balloons".

The entire construction process took 10 days, she added.

Image via @lelianchew/Instagram.

Image via @lelianchew/Instagram.

Image via @lelianchew/Instagram.

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There is everything any kid would want in the makeshift arcade section: a ball pit, a popcorn machine, a candy floss machine and a toy capsule machine.

There is also a toy claw machine that doubles as a kid's ride, where the child is the claw itself -- and an entire wall of toys of every kind.

Image via @lelianchew/Instagram.

Outside, a giant Pokémon-themed bouncy castle awaits guests, joined by inflatables of Pokémons like Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff and Psyduck.

Image via @lelianchew/Instagram.

Image via @aileentan80/Instagram

Influencers and celebrities invited

Numerous influencers and celebrities made an appearance at the candy-themed party.

See how many of them you recognise:

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In an Instagram Story reposted by Lim, it was suggested that less privileged children were invited to enjoy the carnival the next day.

Image via @kimlimhl/Instagram.

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