Hong Kong restaurant takeaway yakiniku box contains mini charcoal grill & water pack to douse fire


Ashley Tan | July 26, 2022, 06:42 PM

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Taking away barbecued food simply doesn't bring the same joy as eating it piping hot, smokey, and fresh off the grill.

One Hong Kong restaurant though, has introduced a game changer of a takeaway packaging.


Bento-Yaki in Hong Kong has created a sleek all-in-one Japanese BBQ takeaway box.

As seen in pictures posted by a Japanese food celebrity, the box includes small compartments for your favourite meats, a portion of rice, vegetables and even sauce.

The highlight of the takeaway box though, is a mind-blowing mini grill set in a corner of the box.

The package comes equipped with a two pieces of charcoal, which customers can slip beneath the wire mesh.

Light it up with matches that are included in the takeaway box and voila.

You've got yourself a portable BBQ grill.

Once you're done, simply douse the fire with the small packet of water provided.

Here's a video of how to prep everything.


According to Hong Kong media Dim Sum Daily, Bento-Yaki specialises in bento delivery service.

Each bento set costs HK$88 to HK$138 (S$15.60 to S$24.40).

The innovative packaging has wowed the internet, with the original tweet garnering over 41,700 retweets.

Some Twitter users pointed out though that one has to finish the meat in a hurry or the fire will burn out quickly considering the small size of the charcoal pieces.

Dim Sum Daily reports that the charcoal can burn for 30 to 45 minutes.

Others voiced concerns about food contamination, and expressed worry about the raw meat being placed in the same container as the cooked rice and vegetables.

Meanwhile, one customer who tried out the bento box noticed that a lot of smoke was produced when cooking the meat.

Photo from sakura_usamimi / Twitter

Still pretty cool though.

Top photo from fallindebu / Twitter