Giant display screen falls on dancers at Hong Kong concert, at least 5 injured

One of the dancers is in intensive care.

Matthias Ang | July 29, 2022, 01:36 PM

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At least five people were injured during a performance by Hong Kong boy band Mirror on Jul. 28 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, after a large display screen fell on them on stage, Hong Kong media reported.

The wounded included two performers, with footage uploaded online showing the screen hitting one of the dancers upon impact, then falling onto another performer, to the horrified screams of the audience.

Warning: The following media shows disturbing content


One of the dancers is in ICU

The Standard reported that the show was immediately halted, with an ambulance arriving on scene 10 minutes later.

The manager of both the band's talent and the concert, Wong Wai-kwan, apologised and asked the audience to leave, the South China Morning Post reported.

Hong Kong Free Press reported that the two dancers were conveyed to Queen Elizabeth hospital. One of them is in intensive care, while the other is in stable condition.

The remaining three people are female members of the audience who said they were scared by the accident.

One of them was also hospitalised, although the cause was not specified.

The concert organisers, Music Nation and MakerVille, also issued an apology four hours after the event, and said the band's remaining shows would be cancelled.

The organisers added that they would investigate the cause of the accident.

Fans started petition calling for stage safety to be improved before accident

The Standard further reported that fans of Mirror had already started a petition calling for stage safety to be improved prior to the accident.

It was started on Jul. 27, after one of Mirror's members, Frankie Chan Sui-fai, stepped off the Coliseum's stage and fell about a metre while he was giving a speech at an earlier performance on Jul. 26.

Chan later said on social media that he had scratched his arm, and saw a doctor after the concert.

Another member, Anson Kong Ip-san, also appeared to briefly lose his balance on Jul. 25, when the raised platform he was standing on wobbled, the South China Morning Post reported.

Following the incident on Jul. 28, the Hong Kong Theatre Arts Practitioners Union described the falling screen as a “serious industrial accident", Hong Kong Free Press further reported.

The union called for the city's police and labour department to launch a probe.

Separately, Hong Kong's chief executive John Lee also offered his support to the injured and added that he had contacted the city's secretary for culture, sports and tourism to investigate the incident, and review safety requirements for similar performances.

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