Shake Shake in a Tub selling 1kg of calorically dense fries for S$2 on Jul. 29, 2022

You'll probably need a whole bottle of ketchup for that.

Nigel Chua | July 29, 2022, 02:10 PM

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Local F&B brand Shake Shake in a Tub is marking its third anniversary since opening in July 2019.

Part of the celebrations includes an offer of a 1kg tub of fries for only S$2.

The brand said on Instagram that it would be offering 100 such tubs, for one day only, on Jul. 29, 2022.

Some quick math: That's 100kg of fries that the brand is prepared to sell, for total revenue of S$200.

Shoestring fries are usually priced at S$3.20 for a regular-sized portion, and up to S$10.80 for a "Super Giant" portion.

Offer available at 111 Somerset only

Calorically-inclined customers — or those with a bunch of fries-minded friends — would need to make their way down to the brand's outlet at 111 Somerset.

Photo via Shake Shake in a Tub on Instagram.

The brand is also launching some new products for its birthday.

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