Fragrance Group founder's wife buys bungalow in S'pore for S$65 million, couple's third in 12 months

Regular people buy things, rich people buy time. And bungalows.

Belmont Lay | July 18, 2022, 06:07 PM

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Lim Wan Looi, the wife of Fragrance Group’s boss, James Koh (pictured here), bought a good class bungalow at Bishopsgate near Chatsworth Road for S$65 million, Edgeprop reported.

At 29,435 sq ft, this works out to S$2,208 psf.

The old, single-storey bungalow on the freehold site is shrouded by trees, set back from the main road.

The house is likely to be torn down and redeveloped.

Edgeprop also reported that the caveat was lodged in July 2021, according to URA Realis and the property was transferred in March 2022, according to a property title search.

Bought 2 other bungalows past 12 months

Koh, who is Fragrance Group founder and executive chairman, has been buying bungalow sites the past 12 months.

Edgeprop reported that according to a caveat lodged in September 2021, Koh purchased a 21,046 sq ft freehold good class bungalow site at Hillside Drive for S$19.25 million (S$915 psf).

Based on another caveat lodged in January 2022, he purchased a 25,272 sq ft freehold good class bungalow plot at Lornie Road in Caldecott Hill Estate for S$24.8 million.

Top photo via Google Maps