Shopper kicks glass panels on railing at Far East Plaza, causing them to fall & shatter on floor below

No injuries were reported.

Ashley Tan | July 11, 2022, 05:58 PM

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Several glass panels fell off a railing at Far East Plaza and shattered on the floor below on July 10, 2022.

Mothership reader, Chris Dai, said that he was having lunch with his wife at a fifth floor eatery when they heard a "loud bang" at around 2pm.

Two glass panels appeared to have detached from the railing on the fifth floor, and smashed one floor down.

Here is Dai's illustration of where the glass panels originally were.

Photo courtesy of Chris Dai

Glass shards everywhere

A photo of the aftermath showed glass shards covering the ground on the fourth floor, and a cleaner sweeping them up.

Another cleaner took care of the area in front of the fifth floor escalator, where the glass panels had fallen from.

Photo courtesy of Chris Dai

Shopper kicked glass

According to Dai, there were no injuries from the accident.

The area was subsequently cordoned off by staff from the mall's management. Dai also noticed staff checking the surrounding area and cautioning shoppers nearby to be careful.

In response to Mothership's queries, Far East Plaza said that a shopper admitted to kicking the glass panels, causing it to fall.

The shopper subsequently offered to pay for the damages after a security guard arrived to investigate the incident.

Far East Plaza confirmed that no one was hurt during this incident.

This incident will be referred to the police for investigation, the mall added.

Top photo courtesy of Chris Dai