Couple dons wedding attire to visit Choa Chu Kang columbarium as they first met there

Till death do us part?

Low Jia Ying | July 26, 2022, 06:53 PM

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Of all the places you could choose to take your wedding photos in Singapore, a columbarium in Choa Chu Kang would likely be the last place in mind.

But for one couple in Singapore, that was exactly where they chose to do it on Jul. 23.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

Columbarium was where they first met

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), the couple explained their strange choice of venue.

The couple, Huang Yuan Jie, 34, and Joanna Zhuo, 26, first met each other at the Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore, a columbarium located in Choa Chu Kang.

Huang told SMDN it was "fate" that they met there. Zhuo was at the columbarium praying, while Huang was there on a visit when they first met, he elaborated.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

Huang said they had actually registered their marriage two years ago, but haven't had a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony yet.

He said it had always been his wish to take their wedding photos at this columbarium.

Dressed in full traditional Chinese wedding attire, the couple posed for wedding photos around the columbarium, along with friends and family.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

Parents, in-laws supportive of idea despite taboo

Huang understood that going to a columbarium on one's wedding day is considered a taboo in Chinese culture, as mixing an auspicious event (a wedding) with an inauspicious venue (a columbarium) is seen as inappropriate.

However, he said his parents were more open-minded, and were okay with the idea as long as the couple was happy.

His in-laws were also very supportive of the idea, he said.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

Huang added that visiting the columbarium on his wedding day was a way of notifying his deceased relatives of his wedding, and to pay his respects to them.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

Photo via Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook.

The newlyweds ended off their wedding day with a feast for their guests.

Younger people have different mindsets: Columbarium representative

A representative from Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore told SMDN that in this year alone, two couples had visited their columbarium on their wedding day.

The representative observed that younger people are more open-minded, and may no longer regard visiting the columbarium on special occasions as a taboo.

They even observed some families bringing along months-old babies to pay respects to their ancestors.

Top photos via Shin Min Daily News and Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore/Facebook