Chinese father beats up man who molested his daughter, police drop charge for assault

The perpetrator sustained injuries up to that of a second-degree assault.

Lean Jinghui | July 13, 2022, 10:11 AM

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A father from the Shaanxi province in China had reportedly beat up another man in anger, after he learnt that the man had indecently touched his daughter.

The father later turned himself in to the police.

According to Sohu, as of July. 5, the father will not be charged for the assault, after further police investigations.

Smashed porcelain bowl on the perpetrator's head

Sohu reported that the father, 35, was a farmer in the Baishui county.

On June 12, 2021, at around 11am, the father learnt that his daughter had been touched in an indecent manner by the perpetrator.

He allegedly then rushed to the perpetrator's house, and kicked the perpetrator to the ground.

He proceeded to hammer blows towards the perpetrator's head a couple of times, before smashing a porcelain bowl on the perpetrator's head.

According to the local medical examiner's verdict, the perpetrator sustained injuries up to that of a second-degree.

However, further details of his overall injuries were not revealed in the report.

Father will not be charged

According to 8 World, the father had initially been charged with intentionally assaulting the perpetrator, after the Baishui County Public Security Bureau completed its investigations.

However, China's official public prosecutor's office subsequently posted a note on its website, detailing the decision to drop charges against the father.

According to the prosecution, the father had turned himself in to the police, confessed his crime truthfully, and accepted his punishment, while the perpetrator had also committed a grave offense.

After weighing the antecedent and consequence of the assault, as well as its degree of harm, the prosecution decided to drop the charge against the father.

On Weibo, the topic has over 46 million views.

Most commenters appeared to laud the prosecution's decision, with some noting that the father, the public service division, and the prosecution have all carried out their responsibilities well for the case.

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