China woman steals a box of durian, devours contents in 3 minutes in supermarket toilet

Smelly business.

Zi Shan Kow | July 29, 2022, 05:11 PM

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A patron in a China supermarket made away with stolen durian by wolfing it down in the toilet -- a clear improvisation on basic shoplifting.

Staff at the supermarket in the city of Jieyang in Guangdong province were confused to find a box of eaten durian in the toilet on Jul. 26, reported China-based online media Sohu.

When they went to check CCTV footage, they noticed a female customer looking around surreptitiously to check if the coast was clear before entering the toilet.

The woman had a box of durians worth RMB100 (S$20.50) in her hands, which she had picked up after walking around the store.

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Store did not make police report

Three short minutes later, she emerged from the washroom sans box of durian, holding her mouth with one hand.

Then, standing outside the toilet, the woman spent a moment frantically searching her pockets for something before leaving the store.

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She had left a RMB10 (S$2.05) note in the toilet, which the store manager later found.

The store manager said she did not take the matter to the police.

"She finished the entire box in three minutes, I'm really scared that she will choke," said the manager.

As the woman was still young, the manager hoped she will feel remorse for her actions instead.

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