M'sia man pays S$37 for black thorn durian to find nothing & disappointment inside

Not a single seed was extracted that day.

Belmont Lay | July 05, 2022, 03:54 PM

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A man in Malaysia paid a premium price for a premium durian variety, but ended up with only disappointment as the fruit did not even have one seed with flesh.

The hilarious but saddening durian opening exercise to reveal nothing inside was caught on camera and shared to Facebook on July 3.

Black thorn durian

According to his post, the man paid RM117 (S$37) for a black thorn durian that weighed 1.8kg.

Black thorn durians are currently retailing for about RM100 (S$31.70) to RM120 (S$38) per kg.

Durian unboxing

Given the durian's weight, it was expected to yield a considerable amount of durian flesh.

However, that expectation turned to disappointment after the man brought the fruit home.

A video uploaded with the post showed the opening of the durian to yield absolutely nothing inside.

Not a single seed with flesh was found.

The video concluded with the man who was opening the durian flashing a thumbs up to the camera, while remarking: “Good.”.


Commenters who responded to the post marvelled at the fact that a durian could yield no flesh or seed.

Some said the man was extremely lucky to have bought such a big durian but did not get to eat it.

Others, who were more practical, said the man should have opened the durian at the stall for inspection before taking it with him.

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