Bangkok train commuters asked not to lean their butts on poles, PSA wins internet

One way to get the message out.

Nigel Chua | July 05, 2022, 12:05 PM

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The Bangkok Mass Transit System has found a remarkably effective way of circulating a public service announcement about train etiquette.

A particularly noteworthy poster with the intended message was uploaded to the official BTS Skytrain Facebook page on Jul. 4:

Image via @BTSSkyTrain on Facebook.

The intended PSA, urging commuters not to lean on the poles in train carriages, was not the first thing many noticed, however.

Instead, the attention of many was drawn to a dark blue figure in the poster, and in particular, the figure's shapely rear end.

The perky parts seemed to clasp the pole rather firmly, such that the blue figure had both hands free.

"Does it have to be that tight", mused one commenter.

Another joked that the message of the poster was to ask passengers not to twerk.

Meanwhile, other characters in the poster were depicted looking on at this anti-social behaviour with great concern.

Don't lean on other passengers' hands

The photo and its caption contained specific dos and dont's, explaining that if one person were to lean on a pole, it would prevent it from being used by many people.

It also helpfully pointed out that it would be inconsiderate to lean on the hands of other passengers, should they be holding the pole.

You can see the post here:

Solution: Multi-handle poles

Singapore has overcome this unique issue by introducing multi-handle poles on MRT trains.


This is so it is harder to lean on the pole and there is more surface area for commuters to hold on to.

Top image via @BTSSkyTrain on Facebook