XiXi Lim shows how she deals with anonymous Instagram users who fat-shame her


Mandy How | June 29, 2022, 04:31 PM

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Receiving unkind comments may be part of being a public figure, but "Ah Girls Go Army" (AGGA) actress XiXi Lim has shown followers one way of dealing with that.

In a series of Instagram Stories (IGS) posted on June 28, Lim publicly responded to an anonymous user who has repeatedly sent derogatory remarks aimed at fat-shaming her. 

The messages also target Lim's friendship with actor Glenn Yong, as the two have been "shipped" together after being co-stars on multiple occasions.

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They are also known by their couple name "Glenxi".

Barrage of mean comments

In response to the messages, Lim directly addressed her size, saying that it's not something that she can change within a short period.

The actress also acknowledged that viewers are free to have their own opinions, and she therefore has no hate towards this particular user.

At one point, the anonymous user identified herself as a "girl".

Lim emphasised that she has never encouraged or endorsed being plus-sized in her interviews, as she understands the health risks associated with it.

However, she added, it's important for one to still love and embrace themselves while working towards a goal.

Lastly, Lim revealed that she has been exercising to lose weight, but she reiterated that she is going on the journey for herself, not to match up to any "standards."

Past incident

Previously, Lim was also under the spotlight after her AGGA character "Yuan Yuan Yuan" was accused of being fat-shamed.

"Yuan" translates to "round" in Chinese, and is sometimes used to describe a larger body shape.

However, Lim did not see it as fat-shaming: "It's just a name. But when people see it as something that attacks their self-image, it becomes a sensitive issue."

In contrast, Lim's teenage years were quite a different story, as she struggled with her self-image back then.

The actress once told L'Officiel Singapore that she had tried to diet and fit in, until she walked past a lingerie shop and saw a model with a gap between her teeth.

Lim recalled:

"She [the model] looked different but there was something memorable about her. It struck me then and there that I was different, but that’s how I would differentiate myself and stand out from the crowd. From that moment, I stopped trying to fit in."

"I went through a lot during my teenage days," Lim also said in a Zula interview, where she explained why she was speaking up for plus-sized women.

"Fat shaming is real and it can really affect us inside out. I know how painful this journey can be and I don’t want others to suffer like me."

Top image via XiXi Lim's Instagram page