Taxi driver drops granny with dementia, 88, & helper at Toh Tuck Drive instead of Toh Yi Drive

The intended destination, Block 7 Toh Yi Drive, is around 900m away from where the passengers alighted.

Nigel Chua | June 26, 2022, 02:52 PM

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[UPDATE: This article has been updated with a statement from Comfort DelGro on the incident.] 

Taxi rides these days are often aided by mobile apps with GPS navigation capability.

While this technology helps drivers and passengers find their intended destinations more easily, there are still exceptions, such as the experience of one taxi customer, who shared about the incident on the "Complaint Singapore" Facebook page.

Booked ride on behalf of 88-year-old mother

The customer, Facebook user Agnes Ho, booked a Comfort DelGro taxi for a trip on Jun. 25, on behalf of her mother who has dementia.

The 88-year-old passenger was accompanied by a domestic helper, apparently newly hired.

The customer indicated the destination as 7 Toh Yi Drive, and tracked the journey via the mobile app after her mother and helper were picked up from their location in Tampines.

However, according to Ho, the passengers did not arrive at the intended location, even while the app showed that the journey had ended at a different location, near Toh Tuck Drive.

Ho says she was unable to reach the driver via the mobile app, and called the taxi company.

However, the operator apparently told Ho that the passengers were dropped off at the intended address, only to admit later that this was wrong, after checking the system and seeing that the ride ended at a different location.

Ho then resorted to searching for her mother and the helper on foot, together with her cousin.

Passengers found at bus stop near Toh Tuck Drive

The lost passengers were eventually found at a bus stop near Toh Tuck Drive.

The bus stop is around 900m away from their intended destination, an estimated 11-minute walk.

Screenshot via Google Maps.

Comfort DelGro responded to the incident with a statement on Jun. 27, saying the driver and customer service agent involved have been reprimanded for "lapses" in how they handled the situation.

Comfort DelGro said it has reached out to the customer, and the passengers with an apology. It will also provide them a full refund for the fares.

The company also said it would be visiting the family.

Top image via Agnes Ho on Facebook